Connect tian power BMS to vectron inverter

i bought lithium battery 48v 150ah energy land and when connect it to vectron inverter via BMS… the inverter shut down and error shown
how can solve this problem

Start by being a bit more specific about what error you see. Where is the error shown? Is there an error number of some sort? Screenshots also help, if you have them.

Also, I assume you are using the correct hardware to connect the battery to the inverter. You need a GX device, for example the Cerbo GX. You cannot connect the battery directly to the inverter. Quite often people attempt to connect the battery to the VE.Bus port on the inverter, and that will never work.

hello my friend
i want to ask you…
which pin in network cable used to connect battery to inverter
and which pin in cable used to connect battery to computer via usb

Best is to consult the documentation. Make sure you understand what you need.

You will need a GX device, such as a Cerbo GX or similar. Without this, you cannot connect the battery to the inverter. The inverter cannot communicate with the battery directly, it is far too limited to do that.

Also, I have no idea if (and how well) the Tian BMS even works with Victron inverters. I heard conflicting reports.

I’m sorry friend
the inverter is Axpert VM III TWIN 4K/6K 4kw 24v 230A Off Grid original Voltronic Solar power inverter

Sorry, I do not know that inverter at all.