Combining Victron and Outback MPPT's on same Battery

Anyone ever successfully combined different charge regulators onto the same battery bank?

Besides setting the voltage parameters are there any concerns around this?

I have used multiple Outbacks (and not Victron MPPTs) on Victron inverters without issue.
The Outback MPPTs don’t need to talk to the inverter or each other, for that matter.
(Lead Acid batteries only).

Thanks Phil but why do you say for Lead Acid Batteries only?
I currently have my Outback connected to my Blue Nova battery without any issues.

What Protocol do you use between Blue Nova and Outback?

If you use canbus then you might run into a bit of trouble if you want communication between the GX and the Blue nova as well. You dont really need the coms between gx and BN but it would be nice to have it and log all the BMS data on VRM.

Just using Voltage Settings.
I have the older (4 year old) Blue Nova battery that uses the A123 BMS. The BMS SOC is completely useless, as it uses a CT clamp to measure current and it does not seem to be able to measure low currents. I once had the battery sitting at 49.5 Volts with 100 % SOC.
It would still be nice to see the individual battery Cell voltages if that would be possible?

I was referring to my set up. I have no experience with outbacks and other chemistries.