Combining LiFePO4 batteries with different SoH

Currently I have 2xUS3000B batteries in my system. Seems fine, but perhaps in the future I’d like to add another one in there.

Is it recommended to add a new battery to a bunch of older ones? If not, what is the latest point at which I should add another battery to the bank?

Lithium has no limit, you can even add after a few years. Just expect to see high voltage alarms until all cells are balanced. Normally up to 2 weeks. And yes you can add different AH units in one bank (mix Us2000 and Us3000)

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I started my system with 4 Us2000’s and after a few months added 2 more Us3000’s that I bought from Jaco. All I did was to make sure they were all fully charged, before they were connected together.

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Brilliant. Thanks! I’m going to monitor my system through the next winter and see how it goes. Probably add one more just for good measure.