CoCT--Hybrid grid tied sseg versus Standby sseg

Does anyone understand the difference, according to Shiraz Swartland, Standby sseg is when a generator is connected ?, i am still confused

Standby means it is not connected to the grid. You have a big old changeover switch, and when the power goes out, you turn that switch and you run from your backup system (with the solar panels).

There is some debate as to whether the Voltronic inverters (which works like that, except they have the transfer switch internally) qualify as offgrid sseg, but I know they are being signed off as such.

It helps a bit (I think) to consider the terminology. SSEG, small scale (that part is obvious), embedded (into what?) generator.

The inverter isn’t the generator. The PV modules are. And it is embedded into the grid (in some manner).

So a standby generator is the same thing as it has always been: not connected while you use the grid.

have a friend where a master installer has tick marked #3, a normal pv/inverter installation, and told him not to worry about the engineer sign off, unless they ask for it

SSEG Application.pdf (75.4 KB)

The dark arts of choosing which one is correct.

Depends on what you want to accomplish.

If you want to be fully compliant, no that will not work.

If you want the people pouring over aerial photography to knock on someone else’s door, then yes, that will probably work (for a while).