City of Tshwane solar users

We are installers of the good blue stuff in Pta and surrounds. I have the Conlog tripping issue sorted. Does not allow feed-in, but does not trip the meter anymore during transient feed-ins! Anyone with problem can pop me an email/message and I can see to sort it out - small’ish fee involved.

I agree with your assessment in general however… I foresee some potential unintended consequences:

  • there is % of those that can, who will out of principle then go completely off-grid and be lost to the revenue stream - not too serious
  • except for the connection fee there is also a move to more expensive kWh in lower tiers of the tariff structure and less expensive in higher - good to recover from the solar owners that only buy in the lower tiers but it does not discriminate - the poor that only use in lower tiers also now pay more…

Curious, which option did you go for…

  1. Some assistant setup that disconnect from the grid at low power levels.
  2. Energy diverter that sinks the transients into something
  3. You know how to disable the reverse energy feature of the Conlog meters?

Recently a local installer asked if there was any plans in the future to improve the reaction speed… to which I said yes, there is… but nowhere near what would be required to stop a Conlog from tripping. International standards require pulling back 90% of the way in 2 seconds. That is already plenty fast and it will still trip a Conlog meter.

It would actually be nice if Conlog would just lay off the sensitivity a bit. I understand that they want to sell an anti-tamper feature, but good grief… it doesn’t have to trip at 300 joules… :slight_smile:

Worked in power station in my younger years and 100% with you on that aspect! The trick we/Eskom/municipalities are missing is the following:
Incentivize me to discharge my battery during evening and morning peaks - here are advantages:
+ Eskom have to run less units and not run expensive diesel gens because the net morning and evening peaks will be lower
+ I get ROI on my battery bank which might incentivize me and others to add more to battery banks which would provide even more capacity for feed-in during peaks etc etc etc…

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I get Line Load Reversal Tokens from Conlog which are then loaded onto the meter.

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This is the right way to do it IMHO.

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And works a charm…!

Just wondering if the municipality would not have an issue with this if they did not do this? Or is this only for Tswane users?

Can’t comment on different municipalities however note the following. The setting change does not allow meter to feed back - only causes meter to be less sensitive to transient feed-ins as what happens when large loads fall away and inverter does not respond quick enough. Actually brings it into line with other pre-paid meters e.g. LandisGr+ etc. which is less sensitive in this regard.

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I believe Landis calls theirs “significant reverse energy” or something like that. You have to feed in a whole kilowatt for an hour or more to trip it, or some such number. In my opinion this is perfect: That will still catch the guy who is trying to tamper with the thing, but it cuts down on all the complaints, support, etc from people who are doing legitimate stuff.

Edit: But when the Landis GYR meters trip, they don’t just trip, they go into tamper mode. At least the Conlogs just trip… :slight_smile:

Hi Albert, please can i get your contact info? Would like one of those line load reversal tokens.

Good day, you can easily obtain it but have to be registered on the Conlog Support Porthole. The code is unique to your meter and before conlog can issue it, you need to supply them with 4 different “Reply Strings” your meter will give you after 4 different queries.

If you are from SA, I can assist in getting you the code…

Have you been able to test whether you are able to feed in with that meter?