Citiq prepaid meter bypass

Before I’m accused that I’m trying to do something illegal, this is a sub meter I installed in a bachelor flat on my property. Its a private prepaid meter and not the municipal or Eskom supplied prepaid meter.

The intention was to rent this unit out but since covid hit, I’ve moved my son into the bedroom and the kitchenette is now home to our washing machine and tumble dryer. When it was only my son I did not mind buying units every couple of months as the money was still transferred to me every month by Citiq. Since the tumble dryer was moved there I think it’s better to just bypass the prepaid meter for now.

Is it as simple as taking the red wire on the left and moving it over to red wire on the right and then also moving the left black wire to the right black wire.

So glad i don’t have to resize pics to upload them here.

You can move the red over. The black is normally a common point and moving it will not have any effect.


The meter works by measuring the flow of current through it.
There would normally by a command neutral. All you need to do is to make a common connection to the live as well and bypass the meter.

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