Choice best BMS for battery

hello everyone
i have energy land lithium battery 48v 150ah 15 cell
and I want to replace it’s BMS with new one
please help me… which type is good

There are many good BMS out there. The best woud depend on the rest of your setup and what you need.
So I suggest you explain the problems you have with the current BMS, why you want to change and then what setup you have. If this an enery storage system, camper, boat, etc. and what inverter and solar chargers you have.
Some BMS talk to different systems that helps limits problems.


Have a look at this page with the reviews, etc


thank you my friend
first … the current BMS can’t connect with current inverter ( voltronic ) 6 kilo watt

the current BMS is tian power BMS in energy land battery
if you have the correct way to connect the energy land battery with tian power BMS to voltronic inverter . this is My goal

Voltronic is not really a smart inverter that can connect to many battery BMS. It mostly works with voltages.
I don’t have a better BMS to suggest for a Voltronic or it’s clones.

The best option would be to see if you can lower your battery voltage in the voltronic setup so that the BMS has more time to adjust cells, but it will not talk the the BMS.