China Lockdown

I read this yesterday: The number of people that are currently locked down in China is greater than the total population of the United States.

That cannot be good for anything.

Now where can I move this post to… Ah… In the weeds (China lockdown)!

it is not good… Not for import /export.
The ports are open, but the truck drivers very limit.

Crazy times to be alive…

Yup Covid is hitting them hard again. I have a old varsity friend living in China, she sometimes posts scary stuff on Facebook, at times their lock downs is worse than our very first was.

Think our government is bad, try being told it is lock down, you literally can’t go out your house to go get your life and death medication and because the closest hospital is more than 10 km away from you, they can’t deliver to you since they are not allowed to deliver further than 10 km under lock down rules.
You can order food from the local shop, oh since we are under this level of lock down, your households weekly ration is 2 loafs of bread, 4 potatoes and a litre of milk. This while other food stuff rot on the store shelves, but the government ration is the government ration.