Chargery BMS


Did anybody have some feedback / Use / did use this BMS? Im in the process to maby get some EVE 280A cells, and the supplier recommend this bms?
I saw this being use, but it seems the Daly BMS is getting the upper hand in DIY? Could it be because of price? or could it be because of Will Prowse DIY videos? I know he did one on this and wasn’t to impressed with it.

Please share your thoughts on this.

The BMS’es I now use, the Jaibaba ones, thanks to @Louisvdw heads-up, coupled with Louis software, it would take a LOT to make me change my mind, for as @plonkster said on that other thread on chargers, there is just something about more features that makes a world of difference, and the fact that one can ask the supplier to add another port … that one can have said Bluetooth AND Venus connectivity at the same time, with all the settings one has access to to change … will take a LOT to make me change my mind.

Do you maybe have a price on that 280Ah Cells?

O, that is the other thing, cause the BMS’s I like so much, that can handle not only 24v AND 48v, they can also handle them 280ah cells … @Paul , a point to consider your side too if all your plans work out.

There were a few people that requested the Chargery BMS to be added to my VenusOS Driver, but there is sort off already a driver. The one guy created a interface into the VenusOS and someone else linked it to be a driver as well. Other than that I do not know too much about it.

The JDB/LLT BMS that TTT refers too also originally comes from Will’s recommendation. He has it as the recommended BMS for 12V systems, but it works so great on 48V as well. They are prices very well and all their features actually work.

Daly is also popular, but that comes from when we used dumb BMS (i.e. no communication interfaces). Their new smart BMS specs are not up with the rest yet, but still very popular and easier to get your hands on. This is the most requested BMS to be added to my VenusOS driver, and the one I am currently working on.