Charge current limited after cerbo/multiplus update

It seems like my charger current (charging from AC) on my setup is now limited to 100A. I looked at all the settings on my cerbo and everything looks fine - my BMS reports my max charge current to be 300A. It also displays that in the remote console.

I’m pretty sure in the past it charged at more than 100A - does anybody know if something changed? The only 100A limit I see on my system is the solar charge controller limit.

I recently updated the cerbo and the multiplusses to the latest official firmware.

Which inverter is this?
100A charge current - is it something like a Multiplus II 8000VA or?

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a 300A charger before :open_mouth:

My max charge is 70a from MPII 5kva and whatever the panels can do.

I saw ±128a DC when, just because, I told the system to charge using Eskom too.

BMS can do 300a.

I use 2 5kva MPIIs in parallel so in theory it it should do 140A right?

I might be remembering solar + ac charge being way more than 100A…

Check the settings in the GX - under battery parameters.

It could be the GX is limiting the charged voltage.

for eg. My batteries are now full so:

Mine is set to 300A there too.

If the voltage is at the CVL, the current will go down.

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I checked now it charged at about 110A today - so it does go over 100A… I should probably just not expect too much out of the parallel multis