Charge-Control ModBus Register?

I am using the Charge-Control assistant to manage my battery charging when coming back from a grid failure. For the first 20 minutes I don’t want to contribute to the peak demand of our electricity provider when everyone else’s geysers and batteries start charging at full tilt.

Is there a Modbus Register I can monitor the Charge Current setting and value perhaps? I scanned the Modbus Register and there is nothing like that mentioned.


You can just set battery min SoC to current SoC? After 20 mins of reconnection, set min SoC to what you need.

It’s already working like a charm and wouldn’t want to change it. All I need is a modbus register I can add to HA to monitor what it’s doing and if it’s been set or active.

I think you’re looking for com.victronenergy.vebus/Dc/0/MaxChargeCurrent, but that only reflects the maximum charge current as configured in VE.configure. I don’t know if it reflects what the charge current assistant is doing. Something to test.

Also, that path is not exposed on modbus. But it can be added… if it is updated by the assistant, and I have no idea if it is.

Thanks. I have my dbus-spy open so will check if I see something that I can add after my next grid-restore event.

Ok, I checked everywhere and I think this value is not published on the bus. Without that there is no way to monitor this value from the outside. The one @plonkster mentioned is as he said, the VE Config fixed value and that one doesn’t change under the ChargeControl Assistant control.