Cerbo GX and garage door

I want to control my garage doors via the Cerbo GX. My idea is to wire magnetic switches to the digital IO pins (optocoupled) to sense the door open/closed state and then connect the relays to my garage door motors to open/close them.

The garage door openers are Digidoor iQ. The only information I can find about external connections is this picture of the PCB:


I assume that the shorting the 24V and N.O. pins will open/close the door. I don’t want to try this before I know for sure because it might be an expensive mistake. This is the point of this post.

Am I correct in saying that the garage door movement can be toggled by applying 24V to N.O. for a short period?

You usually bridge to ground for circuits like this. So you would connect NO to COM.

You can measure the voltage on NO to COM. If you get ~ 24V, shorting it to ground opens the door. If it is 0V, then to 24V.

But in this case, since it says Com(mon), it’s infinitely more likely that would want to bridge NO to COM.

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Yup. Confirmed. Thanks Marius.