Centurion Micro Electronics

Hi guys

Anyone here know their products. I’ve gotten one of their smaller units as a pfSense host, loving it, although I’d love to open it up and add RAM… if it takes a standard DDR4 unit.
SHIELD-D-4L | Centurion Micro Electronics

It’s storage is M.2 MSATA based, atm have a 64GB in there, thinking of buying a 128 or 256 and doing a DD copy from source to target.

Thinking of actually getting a i5 or i6 19" rack based unit as the pfSEnse and then making the smaller unit a Proxmox VM station, wonder if anyone has used a quad core Celeron +8GB RAM for this.



Seeing that they also have a bare bones model (out of stock) that you need to supply your own RAM and MSATA it should be safe to say that it will use normal components. Just make sure the M2 is MSATA and not NVME based and you should be fine.

:slight_smile: did not dig deep enough to see the listing of bare bones.

luckily I have some NVME also, would actually have been great if they supported that onboard, but as far as I’ve seen everything is MSATA based.
The larger 1u platforms I’ve noticed can take a SSD also, so thinking there is a SATA or SAS port present. will go dig some more.

Any change you aware of other locally available SBC’s, with say 4 ports…
Looking at options, so far they look the most “complete” but always good to see a over the top option and a hell no option, to confirm you on the right option.

any chance anyone know off by heart how to get into the bios of the CME pfsense devices.
need to reimage my FW back to 2.7 CE and can’t seem to boot into installer mode.


… this is their IONN Shield 4 SHIELD-D-4L device.