Cctv newbie Q re ip/analog mix to nvr SOLVED

three newbie questions from a home cctv user:

  1. i have a 16 channel nvr, cat5 running to 8 ip cameras, i need to add two existing analog cameras to the mix. can i use passive video/power/audio baluns at the camera ends to feed power and data via cat5 to them and will i be able to view their video/audio as per the other 8 ip cameras?
  2. will the analog video be ok for indoor home use?
  3. can i run wifi video data from a wifi camera to my nvr via a router?
    i ask for the baluns plus low cost analog 2mp camera is still cheaper than 2mp ip camera - especially for indoor home use.

what did i learn or was confirmed?

  • nvr will not accept analog cameras
  • mentioned baluns will only work in cases where utp [cat5/6/7] are used with dvr and analogue cameras, i.e. baluns at both ends of utp cable
  • in dvr/analogue cameras setup the dvr does computing of data whereas with nvr/ip cameras the cameras do data crunching hence analogue cameras cheaper than ip cameras
  • wifi data feed can be pushed to nvr via router for storage, most cloud based storage costs subscription plus bandwidth, local data storage is cheap and easily accessible.

bottom line - knowledge is power and saves money :crazy_face:

No. You would need a hybrid system (Dahua has XVR systems that use a mix of any type of camera) IP only for NVR

Yes its fine for both indoor and outdoor

Don’t think so, unless your router has POE (power of ethernet) ports to power said camera

tx @Suly , much appreciated, yes the nvr has poe to power the cameras, saves me having electric cable to the cameras, although electricity is available nearby.