Carlo Gavazzi Modbus

Hi. Could anyone explain how Carlogavazzi data logger MODbus works and how its connected and how the data are send ? I have a little presentation bud have no fully understanding how its works… i would appreciate any info ! Thank you

Are you talking about these devices? I assume it is a small computer that knows how to talk their internal protocol to other devices from the same series, and that if you’re using something like that, you don’t really have to understand the internals.

If you’re asking how the energy meters work, they record energy (kWh imported and exported), as well as instantaneous power, voltage and current use, and you can query them for these values over a 3-wire (you can get away with just 2 wires) communication bus known as modbus-RTU. This is completely standard and you can then write your own applications to run on whatever you want (PC, embedded computer, mobile) that can query them for these values.

If you only care about energy use, then the energy meters can be considered a “data logger”. If you care about long term power use trends (for example, you want to know peak power, what time of the day it is, etc), you need some kind of recording device to periodically query and store values from the meter. Or the above integrated solution.