Cape Town Rainfall Analyser

At least partially relevant, since Cape Town panels have had little opportunity to work this year…

If you want to look at dynamic graphs showing just how rainy Cape Town is this year, this is a cool tool:

eg: Newlands, more rain thus far than most (all but 6) years get in total

And there I thought I was imagining things … the fact that solar is a total waste the last few weeks. :rofl:

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Enjoy all your guilt free toilet flushes :stuck_out_tongue:

You can check the live updates here on the damn levels. Western Cape Dam Levels

Yup lots of rain. According this article, the most in the last 47 years…

So first we had the biggest drought in a hundred years. And then 4 years later, the most rain in 47 years. Hoes daai!?

A world wide trend… Climate Change…

Reminds me a little of the movie “Hot Fuzz” (excellent movie by the way), where the main character asks: Why is your accident rate 4 times the national average?

(and I mean, there were a few big ones, like a sharp piece of concrete dropped from a church roof obliterating a man’s head :slight_smile: )

For context, a life insurance company has to, at a minimum, comply with a capital requirement for a 1 in 200 year event on multiple different risks. It is combined into a single number using correlations. Then life companies would themselves keep a multiple of that number, often around 2x the 1 in 200 year event number.

I guess what I’m saying is that 1 in 100 is not that unlikely, and a life company would be deemed insolvent if they can only survive a 1 in 100 year event with their available capital.

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Short-term insurers, a number of years ago, started wanting to know how close one is to a body of water.

Huge implications of adding that field to the system, the resultant impact on the rating engines.

Makes sense to me. I’ve seen estates in PTA pop up within the 50-year flood line to give you a “waterside estate”. I’ve seen residents in those estates rush home during a church service because it turns out that year was the 1-in-50 year and their Landrover Discovery was discovering how deep 1m water in his garage feels like.