Can't access Victron Venus MQTT

Hi all…

so my bad, noticed while back my grid supply yes/no on Home assistant was offline. while back could be really a while, but never serious/urgent.

have some time today…a nd figured let me look quickly.
trying to connect to my mqtt broker and it’s refusing.
now I probably missed a update where it was explained that something changed on the Venus side.
God chance that my setup has not been updated manually since we did those updates last year, my bad…
Firmware v2.87
Build date 202205311135409
MQTT on LAN both plain text and ssl is selected.


hmmm ignore for now… getting a stream from the broker… but it’s using a username/pw that does not make sense…

strange. time to unravel this.


or let me ask, how where do I get my mqtt username/password.


never mind… no password. :wink:

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