Canadian Solar 355’s for sale

I have six Canadian Solar CSU 355’s for sale, they are just under a year old, am upgrading to higher wattage panels, located in Cape Town
R1600 each

Hi, can you confirm if its the kumax_cs3u-355

my apologies, checked my invoices, they are a mix of the CS3U kumax half cell and the CM3U panels

I may be interested, depending on the area, and if you have 4 of them?

Can you upload a picture of the rear of the panel data sticker?

Apologies, have to sell all six

Apologies, they are mounted on a second storey roof

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Can you tell from the invoices how many are CS3U and how many CM3U?

I might have a plan by this morning, where I need to sell only three panels, they are the Kumax half cell, bought these through Jaco last August and the invoice checks out
I am in Cape Town

Three 365 watt kumax half cell available, bought last August
located in Cape Town
R1600 each

I have three of the cs3u 365 watt Canadian Solar Kumax half cell panels at R1600 each, are you interested, I am in Pinelands

Hi Tariqe,

Was looking at 350w/355w panels, 4 of them … but after I replied to @Swartkat to relax on him wanting 2 more panels, and then I go and get 4 more!!! :laughing:

I realised after I said I was interested, that 4 more panels would make NO difference in our weather … me having a kneejerk reaction.

Thank you though, for coming back.

No worries, yes, in Cape town the weather is depressing if you have solar panels, i went from under 25 kWh per month in summer to doing 150 kWh for the month of June so far, but am going ahead with the panel upgrade, as I want to be able to run more appliances on pv ( on sunny days, lol ), especially aircons and pool pumps.( in summer )

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Out of interest, what was your system size when you were only able to produce 25Kwh per month?

I have heard of guys on this forum that are able to produce that in a day! Now that is top notch figures in my books.

Apologies, I was not clear, that is grid usage, NOT pv production !!!

Aaah ok, that sounds better. Myself am up to 174Kwh for June thus far from the grid.

i was going around, shutting everything off, the long haired one had to sit me down and explain the facts of life to me :laughing: :laughing:


I have a few of those T-Shirts … till I got clever!

Last one “they” tried to give me, I said fine … YOU guys then pay the electricity bill from now on … deal?

Lets just say … I’m still paying. :wink:

You cannot argue with the person cooking … nor with the one paying the electricity!!! :laughing:

Same Tarig From that other Forum? Hello there

Hi Ryan, yes, same Tariq from the other forum