Can somebody explain "bid windows" to me please

I did try googling. All I get is links to reports about the Government opening up a new bid window.

OK… So I understand that government is wanting proposals from businesses who want to generate power and sell that into the grid. All well and good.

I assume that these are different from tenders. When they ask for tenders, it means that somebody will get the business (unless nobody is interested). This seems to not be the case here. You express an interest and prepare a proposal, and then government decides if they are interested.

But why this approach of “windows” with each one being date limited. And what advantages are given to proposals made in the first window?

(I am not the most active these days, so long time to respond).

Bid windows are actually Tender Rounds. It is for the Renewable Energy Independent Power purchase program (REIPPP for short).

The REIPPP is based on the Integrated Resource Plan, which indicates how many MW of each energy type should come online by when.

It started back in 2012/2013 (Hell I built some of the first RE plants that went online 2012/2013).
That was the first tender and was referred to Window 1
So each time a new round of tenders are announced it is called a Window as you have a window to get these things online based on the Integrated Resource Plan…

As with all programs, there are those that control certain aspects and can delay everything.

We are currently ar ROund 6, with round 7 opening soon (we finally have some momentum on these things, it was supposed to be yearly).

Main problem now is that the project being bid on does not always have a firm grid connection (agreement with Eskom, they will have a Cost Estimate Letter that would say there is grid). Once they bid the grid connections are again reviewed, that is when Eskom says… o wait, sorry… Your Cost Estimate Letter is useless because someone else paid for a Budget Quote…

Summary: Windows are Tender rounds, the first window was back in 2012.

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