Can MPPT losing connection

I am currently sitting with a small issue on one of my installations. I am using a SmartSolar Charger VE.Can 150/100 MPPT connected to Venus GX, every few days the PV Charger Block on the remote console disappears. I am using a meter UTP cable for connection. Plugging the cable out and back in does not solve the problem. I have to chose a different Can-Bus Profile to make the icon visible again, then a few days later its gone again and I need to change the Profile again to see the MPPT.
I have to change between the two top 250 kbit/s profiles.


Problem is, the system then creates two instances of the MPPT (only one active at any given time), but the clients is growing quite impatient, so I have send them a VE-Direct cable to see if we can solve the problem that way.


Anyone else experienced something similar?

I don’t have the VE.Can models, so I don’t see this exact issue.

I do find that if anything changes on my Pi.Venus like if a add a USB device, pull out a cable and connect it again, etc. then a new version of the MPPT or the Inverter is created in VRM.
So I am almost 100% certain that your MPPT looses connection. Switching the profile makes it reconnect, but then you have a new version of that device.

So to solve this you need to fix the connection loss issue.
First I will replace the UTP cable. Sometime there can be a loose connection (mostly where the plug is crimped on to the cable, and especially so if you use solid core wire and not the plugs for solid core or vise versa)
The other thing to try (and here I have no knowledge) is the to get the profiles correct. A wrong profile will also give connection errors.

That sequence will restart the dbus-vecan process, which is likely why it comes back. Sounds like a legitimate issue that needs attention. I’d take it to l3… you’ve got the address.

You could also try it for yourself. If you can ssh to it (or you could ask me to do it too), you can run:

svc -t /service/vecan-dbus*

If that makes it come back, then it confirms the theory, restarting the driver “fixes” it.