Can 6x 12V = 48V

Is this viable - Gel Batteries ?

No that will not really work as you want it too. You need 4 or 8 of the same.

Although you will initially measure 48V.
Charging and discharging a battery is done by current, and all batteries in the bank must endure the same through current. Or otherwise, you will end up with a combination of some overcharged and some flat batteries within a bank like this.

That picture is very confusing, but I see at least two dead shorts.

The design is still at the conceptual stage methinks.


I have 6 batteries available and a 48V Inverter

besides the dead shorts it should be OK then :laughing:

Only with 4 batteries :stuck_out_tongue:

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Use 4 batteries and Victron Battery Balancers.

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Or, here’s a plan, use an Orion 48/12 20A DC-DC Charger and charge the remaining two batteries off the 48V bank and use the 12V directly for fridge or something.

Otherwise, get two more batteries and use 3 Victron Battery Balancers and some bus bars to build this: