Camera+Mic on Raspberry Pi

Hi guys

I have a use case where I need a RPi board + Camera + Mic and local recording, which can be viewed remotely via a web page.
if I can show a sounds scope … allowing me to see the sound being recorded.

I need to be able rewind and review the feed, while the recording is still going.

Suggestions ?


Easiest will probably be to use a webcam (since most have a mic integrated) as opposed to the rpi camera.
Then motionEyeOs, recording to a NAS or similar that you can access. The only issue is it does not support audio (afaik). Adding Audio to MotionEye Recordings - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community
Or homeassistant with motionEye.
Otherwise a good IP security camera will probably be worth the money for the time you save…

Good idea - if you are not tied into the Pi hardware, a mini pc running Win 7 might be worth it, in terms of software availability to do exactly what you propose, with a normal usb webcam.

If interested, I do have a few of those little Asus mini’s still available, at a great price.

maybe some more facts.
Setup needs to be mobile. This is to be used as part of a scoring system for long range shooting, the camera and mic goes close to the metal target, where it looks at the target and visually and audio-ally record target hits. The camera’s themselves are thus 1000-3.2 km from the score /shooter. there will be 4-8 camera’s normally… / at min. And receiving the data back/centrally is not guaranteed so storing it there on a NAS might be problematic, why self container RPi’s was considered, each with a local HDD ( Each Pi has a large battery locally powering it)
At the moment the IPCam solution is being used… so ye maybe a switch to MotionEyeOS with mic could be a 2nd option)