Calix routers

Has anyone come across these routers?
I presume they have their particular niche but I find them very different…

I’ve heard of the brand but can’t say I’ve used them.

Why’d you get one?

I come across them in residential complexes.
I can’t establish if the complex itself installs them in each unit… (I think Vumatel/Frogfoot might roll these out)
They are quite different from other routers: Different voltage (15V) and plug and high current draw.
I was looking for a mini Din plug (not common) and was hoping t get a replacement PSU which would be wired up already. The tech support at the aforementioned companies are less than useless: Actually try to discourage you!)

If it was easy, they wouldn’t need your expertise!

Calix 844G are quite common with MetroFibre FNO and their direct ISPs.
I had the Calix 844G, it contains an ONT + Router with WiFi 4&5 + GbE & VoIP ATA.
User interface is somewhat limited.

When I changed ISP, they replaced the Calix 844G with a Calix 803 which is just a basic ONT & VoIP ATA - you have to use your own router - I’m using a RPI4/Debian/nftables as the router/firewall.

Calix 844G

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