Business Management Tool/App

Who use a business management tool or app currently. I need something to help organise and streamline my tasks / projects / clients.

Any recommendation will be highly appreciated.

Evernote works really well for me. If you have a lot of docs and you want to collate all of that together per customer/supplier etc. The OCR works great and you can just scan or email documents into it, makes everything even handwritten notes searchable in the future.

I am lost without using a ticket/task system.
Jira at the office, but Github Issues for everything else.

Github Issues you can create a project and then mutiple tasks per project.

Trello may be a good option too. Can become very powerful with integrations and powerups

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At work, we use Asana.

Really great for what you are doing? You can obviously create task, and assign it to someone in you organisation, if your in the same team.
But im sure there is quite a few tool you can use do do this type of thing.

I second this - plus it has a mobile and desktop app!
As a Project Manager this is the one I would choose.

Maybe Bitrix

Like @Louisvdw we use Jira on the software side of the business, but everyone else uses Trello, works like a charm.

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Way back when Mxit was still a thing, I ended up on a small team that built a proof of concept for a new wallet which was eventually completely rewritten and turned into another wallet app. Anyway. During that time we used Trello. I hated it. My wife used Trello as well. She hated it as well (because the management people spend all their time moving cards around without really getting anything done). Annnyway… now I use two methods, which are no use to non-software people. The primary one is github issues. The secondary one is saved items on Slack.

The github one is not too bad actually. Markdown allows you to do things like this (this forum is also markdown, but not as extensive as github):

- [ ] Do this
- [ ] Do that

Github turns this into tickboxes:


So that also works quite well.

I’d strongly recommend Notion. It’s like a wiki where you can just write notes, but some pages can be a task board, some can be a lightweight spreadsheet and so on.

It’s extremely easy to get going as you can just explore new features as you have time & energy, and not all at once when you start using it.

Tell me more. Where do you get that option, or is it a plugin on Slack?

I think it is default. On any item, to the top right, you can click here:


And then you can go here to find all the saved items.


That works well when your colleagues and co-workers are all on slack, to keep track of things you’ve been asked but could not get to immediately.

But I doubt it is much use for Jaco.

Edit: Something I also do. On slack you can talk to yourself. There is literally a DM-channel with your own name on it, that you can use for notes. Since slack is markdown based, you can keep TODO lists here. But again, more of a hack of sorts than an actual tracker.

I also use the channel to yourself in Slack. That is very useful.
The nice thing with slack is that it is also a messaging tool (like Whatsapp, etc) and you can invite other people to your company Slack (even the free one). So it is very powerful to have all the messages and things on you phone. But perhaps not the most obvious one as a business manager tool.

I think Trello has come a long way then since you have last worked with it, you can introduce many things on a card : Like those checkboxes, you can even assign a item in a checkbox of a card to a specific user or assign a due date to that checkbox item.
Also using their powerups you can build some really neat stuff, but the costs can quickly add up when you start building really involved things.


Been using since 3 month ago. Works 110% for us in similar environment as @JacoDeJongh !