Building some Energy Loggers - Next

The first post was a bit long so Ill add the other two here.
The Single phase logger does not have a Oled but it more build towards a Site Monitor and also there were not enough IO pins to run the Oled.
This can measure up to 100A via the CT clamp

The PSU was added to its own case to make the foot print as small as possible.

And here is the guts. I added a status LED just to know if there are any problems. It also has a Webpage where you can edit the settings.

Last is the 3 phase monitor , this one kept me busy as you need at least 5 io pins just to read all the monitors then there are 4 pins for the SD card and 2 for the RTC , bottom line not enough pins.
ESP 32 is currently not the well supported so I ended up having two Wemos boards , one to read the devices and send the data via serial and the other receiving it and doing the logging and sending the data via MQTT.
It took quite a bit of testing but all and all it is running ok.
The guts

Tidied up

and then the web page

I am happy with the results so far , and getting the data from the SD card is a lot easier than trying to get it from a RPI via ssh.