Budget for 5kW system

High-level requirements

  • Beat load-shedding

  • Keep battery charged

  • Max utilization of PV, then grid and then battery

  • All loads as essential, loads will be managed manually

Elecricity Usage

We use on average 400 units a month and have never used more than 450. A 3kw system may be adequate?


Below is a layman’s budget for a 5kw solar system.

  • Please advise if the combination of components make sense.

  • Are any major cost items missing?

  • Are any components over/under spec’ed?

  • Is the budgeted amount realistic?

Cost item|Budget


Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50| R27 870

Victron Cerbo-S GX| R4 850

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.Can| R16 283

Victron AC Current Sensor Single Phase – Max 40A| R848

Jinko Solar Panel NEO N-Type 620W (6 X R4590)| R27 540

Hubble Lthium Am-5 5.12Kwh| R31 000

Installation with CoC| R18 000?

DC Cables (75m 6mm2 & connectors)| R3 000?

Protection & breakers| R8 000?

GX and battery wiring| R2 000?

Mounting Kit| R5,000?

Total |R145 000

Are these prices inclusive?

I can’t comment on the prices, but for an ESS system (using PV power with a battery) you might want to look at least double that battery capacity. 10kWh makes more sense. 5kWh will be depleted in 1 hour if you draw 5kW from the inverter.

I would also suggest 8x 620W panels. 2x strings of 4 panels each will match the MPPT voltage better.

Yes inclusive. I live if Pretoria so can collect.

Sorry. May not be able to avoid shipping of R115.

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I have send you a private message, these prices are a bit steep.

Just yesterday someone asked me what I think of this battery, YES I said … then No, hold on, something is “Off” …

I thought it was Sustainable …

That is the more realistic price …

We need our resident IT sleuths to check the legitimacy … names are also way to close, quick glance and you can miss it. I did.

They are both long-running and well-established sites. Sustainable has their domain registered in 2002 (!) and has been in business for yonks. They are usually a tad on the expensive side, but rumour has it delivery is free if you live around Cape Town. I may be wrong… it has been a long time.

Livestainable domain is registered April 2019. Has multiple payment options including credit cards, zapper, Snapscan, etc. Company registration number and VAT number right on the front page (someone is welcome to check that), they actually have a positive ratio on HelloPeter, Facebook presence. No physical address or phone number though. Only red flags (sustainable has those covered as well). They are a legitimate web shop though.

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I can work from home, MS Teams and all, through 4 hrs load-shedding on a 2 year old 12v 100ah lead-acid with no-name Intenyyuptidle (sic) Power Supply 3000w. Only the inverter side still works so I have a Ctek 7A charger directly on the battery.

Maybe I only need a 3kW system but I am not sure if it is a good long-term investment. 5kW inverter may be easier to sell second-hand. Or, Pta may eventually support/allow feed-in when I may want to parallel because I have roof space.

I have purchased from them a couple of times. Haven’t had any issues. Nothing as expensive as an inverter though.

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This is one of those cases, Don’t ask for permission, apologize IF you get caught.

Everyone I know in Pta/Jhb cares not for the Munics are out of control to focus on such a teeny thing when they are fighting for power, control, o be able to reap "profits.

Just don’t feed back, still use some Eskom, en enjoy having a grid-tied system.

Note: The above is not intended as correct advice or suggestions. :rofl:

May i ask what your plan with this is? If you are planning to feed power back to non essential load, this is not the right item for it.

I have never used one of these on any of my Victron installs.

Agreed. I think he is talking of one of these. That’s ancient tech. You wire it to analog inputs on the Multi itself, but the only real use case I occasionally see for it, is people using that to measure a non-sunspec PV-inverter. This is indeed not the right item for this.

Instead I’d look at this, if your inverter is close enough to the incoming feed. It is a bog standard SCT013 that costs less than R200, although it must be said that the hobby-stores focus more on price than quality, so YMMV.

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I got that from the Victron Multiplus II pamphlet or datasheet. Looked like I needed it.

Thanks for the advice.