BSLBATT batteries have been added to the Solis inverter communication list

Mutually compatible inverter and battery models Including:

Solis: S6-EH1P(3-6)KL-EU Power range 3kW / 3.6kW / 4.6kW / 5kW / 6kW


Rack Battery: B-LFP48-52/100/134/156/174/200/280E

Wall Battery: B-LFP48-100/174/200/280/300PW / PowerLine Series

I’ve got 2 sites with Solis S6 Pro inverters and Powerline 5 batteries. Both sites are giving the same incorrect Voltage and SOC values causing the batteries to either die or the alarm to sound.
A firmware update of both the battery and inverter did not sort the issue out at all.
The voltages steadily decrease, then it rapidly drops from about 50.5v to 46v in a matter of minutes.