Hi.I have 2 banks of 48v 8kwh in parrallel assuming a straigth UTP should do for the 2 banks to communicate !
What is the correct pinouts for a VE Can to Canbus BMS for Blue Nova BN52V-154-8K to a Victron GX device or do we use a straight UTP cable from the battery to the Gx device?

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Please make your own cable. 7-7 and 8-8.

Ensure point 1-6 is not connected. Blue nova uses RS485+ on point 3 that might interfere with the Ground point of the GX if you use a normal straight through.

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On this Question, you are correct.


AFAIK, that wiring diagram is for the newer Racpower BP and DU series of batteries. I have the Racpower BP battery and it no longer needs the BMAC. Straight cable with pins 7 & 8 only, connects battery directly to Cerbo GX.

Friend of mine has the BN52V-77-4K NG which is the single module version of the BN52V-154-8K NG. His comms does not require the BMAC and the cable from his Venus GX to battery is just a standard straight UTP network cable. It is a few years old now so maybe they have changed it to require the BMAC now?

Thank you .Will crimp my own following the given pin-out.

Thank You.

Did you come right?

Hi have done as per instruction.I have made my cable 7 & 8 to 7 &8 .The battery has been detected but it not showing me the number of modules on the GX device. I have 2 banks connected in parallel with straight UTP cable linking the 2 banks.When charging you can see that the other bank is not detected.
What do I need to do ?

In device list on Remote Console, press the right button, then go down to details or parameters and press right again. It should show you how many units is online.

Under details you should see something like this showing how many modules is online.


If you dont have the details tab, under parameters you should see this.


The DCl and CCL will reflect how many modules is seen, In this Case each E-tower each has 100A DCl and CCL. So if you know the maximum charge current of each module, you will know if the data from both is reported to the GX

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This is what a a getting.Definitely the DCI and CCL is reflecting fo only 1 module though it doesn’t show the battery module number that are online.

Let me ask their engineer. Will revert back.

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Thank You!

@Prospect The BlueNova battery doesn’t send that info. The -- means it is not available.

Maybe there is newer firmware that sends that info, but there is no need to worry about it being missing. It is diagnostic info. Many batteries don’t send it.

Ok.Thank You!