BMV700 faulty :(

Surprisingly my BMV700 screen went dead and lost comms to it :frowning_face:

I googled this and there are a few isolated cases of this happening.
I did check and the fuse is fine and there is 53V on the shunt so there is power to the BMV.
Also trying a factory reset does nothing.

Any suggestions before I look at replacing it ?

Maybe I can buy only the display part somewhere as the shunt in very unlikely to be the problem…

The display is not sold separately. And the connection to the shunt is a little different for the 702 or the 712 anyway. So this looks like a complete replacement (unless it is a warranty claim).

@Greenman, I have good news. After writing my previous post, I remembered that I have a BMV 700 somewhere, where the shunt has gone dead (someone installed it outside in the battery box where water got to it). So I went looking for it and I found it. A quick test seems to indicate that it is still working.

If you want it, you can send a courier to pick it up and you can have it for free. DM me for the address.

On the topic of that damaged shunt, I was asked to help set up a new shunt. On the day we installed it, the installer installed a new BMV-702, and put the shunt in the same spot without adding any additional protection. That was the day I realised that even noisy opinionated installers who always have something bad to say about your brand (and several others) are often the reason for their own problems. This was the local SolarEdge guy. We are no longer facebook friends.


There she is. I’ll keep the shunt :slight_smile:

Plonkster you are amazing ! I will DM re courier to come and collect. Thanks so much :grinning:

Final post on this topic.

Big thank you to Plonkster who very kindly gave me a replacement screen for the BMV700. Installed and working fine :grinning:

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You are most welcome. It’s an Irish gift in many ways: It’s nae use to me, yer welcome to it! :slight_smile:

I’m glad that old thing has finally found a good use.