BMS Group Buy

Oh, I have access to SA addresses, I just have no faith that small parcels will make it to them.
Thanks anyway.
On the other hand if the BMS’s were part of the cell consignment and I was already putting my faith in that as well as arranging a courier to collect, I’d prefer that.
I am not in a rush, I only need the BMS’s when I get the cells.

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@TheTerribleTriplet, I have finally got my invoice after about a week of dealing with Ms Xiao.
I had to light a bit of a fire under her yesterday, as I didn’t feel she was being very responsive.
So I don’t have allegiance to her because it has been like pulling teeth.
Anyway, it sounds like these things will be an option on the next cell order, I am sure there will be others looking for a BMS as well.
So I am going to tell Ms Xiao I am going to pass on this purchase.

I find her very responsive, but it did take a while in the beginning.

She got there in the end, but up to Amy’s high standard, she is not.

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Right, all the BMS’es have arrived in JHB, now to get them out of Jhb, through the riots, to Cpt. :slight_smile:

4 stays in Jhb, 10 to Cpt, insured, from where I will sort them further between the buyers.

Sjoe, this took a LONG time …

If anyone is looking for a 48v BMS, who are in Jhb area, speak up NOW … R2400 per BMS.

All the BMS’e have arrived.

At. Last! :slight_smile:

Now the fun starts!


Just in time: SA’s port container terminals are down due to a Transnet ‘hack’

BMS’e was flown in … but the batts, end of July in Dbn harbour … then road freight to Cpt.

I’m not worried …