Blue Nova 5.2Kwh

The Blue Nova Racpower BN52V-100-5.2K BP

WhatsApp me on 0733222089 for a price.

This is the backup model nor recomended for daily cycling if I understand it right.

There is another model that costs a lot more that is supposedly designed for daily use, however if you check the duty cycle they project 4000 cycles at 100% DOD. That is 10 years of life. If you were more conservative with charging and discharging you would get even more life out of it.

And warranty?

This isn’t the weird pay by bitcoin story?

5 year warranty

Normally bank transfer.
However if you want to pay in Bitcoin I will accept that too.

OK, so same as: Solar store

Morning Ray, may I ask why all your prices is in $, what market are you targeting if not SA? I have to ask because this might raise some eyebrows. Also why is bitcoin your preferred method of payment with Paypal as second and direct bank payment only by arrangement?

Do you guys have a physical shop or warehouse where customers can walk in and collect and if so, address please?

The phone number on the website belongs to a CV-joint shop :slight_smile:

I called them up, apparently they do know who you are.

You must excuse us, there are many scammers in this business. Would be great to have a clarification.

On the website the “add to cart” feature that is part of my hosting plan only caters for PayPal which unfortunately doesn’t accept ZAR as a payment method. I needed to add a second payment method so Bitcoin was an obvious choice as I can generate a QR code for the exact amount of every item. Bank transfers as I understand it (please correct me if I was wrongly advised) could pose a risk as it would mean displaying my bank account details on the site for all to see. Now I don’t know if this is true, but a friend advised me not to do this as my bank account could be “hacked”. So I have made this website myself, having very little knowledge and trying the best I can to look professional. (As you can see I am no website designer) I used to have a physical address but due to COVID, business got bad and I eventually had to close shop and try my best at being an online shop instead. The new tenant at my old business address has very kindly allowed me to still have deliveries and collection of all my solar merchandise at his workshop.
Yes, I know I need a “facelift” on the website. Yes, I know I need a proper cart that accepts ZAR. But unfortunately in my current financial position, I just don’t have the money and that pathetic attempt at a website is all I depend on for income. This is another reason why I requested that I could advertise in the market section of this website, I am trying to build this business up again.

That is my pathetic sob story… But hey if anyone has a free service to clean up and professionalise my website, I will gladly accept.

OK, I did the usual stuff. I did a whois lookup on the domain name. This has been active for around 18 months, and you renewed it in August last year. That’s a good sign :slight_smile:

The website has cloudfare as a proxy in the way, so I could not obtain any hosting info on that (sometimes, if you see someone is hosting at Hetzner in SA, for example, that is a good sign).

Your email is hosted by what I assume is a service with a free tier:

Then I scoped out the physical address on google maps. This got me to an automotive shop. Interestingly, in November 2017 there was a solar shop operating from there, called Solaris. The phone number on the website matches the automotive shop. And you are known to them.

So yes, as I said… sorry about that. There are many scammers in this business. Hopefully all of this helps :slight_smile:

Yes sir, it is a CV joint shop. That was my old premises, that I had to vacate as covid took its toll on business. The owner of that shop kindly allows me to still use that address for collections and deliveries of my solar goods. The person answering the phone likely isn’t familiar with the name Solarphile, but would know me as Ray. Sorry for the confusion. If you do call that landline number, Jesse is the man to talk to. He works there full time, but also helps me out with the solar from time to time.

This should not be a problem. Lots of businesses are doing this just fine. Alternatively, what you absolutely must do, is get a letter from the bank confirming the bank account, and then when people arrange to pay by EFT, send them that. I see lots of businesses now doing that when I pay them (most recently the guys who installed my aircon). They do that also so that an unscrupulous employee don’t hand out bad banking details :slight_smile:

Correct, I started my Solar shop back in 2016 under the name Solaris. If you look in google maps/earth above the Drivelines sign you will see a (non working) 300w panel with stickers on it displaying the name and phone numbers. I started out as a one-man show back then and didn’t even register the business at that time. Sadly a few years later I discovered (to my horror) that someone in Durban was using my Solaris name. I knew there was nothing I could do about it because I was just a “Mickey Mouse” company that wasn’t even registered yet. All I could do was change my name and register my new name. I acquired the domain name and for safety sake also bought the domain so that nobody could steal my name again.
Now I try my best with my very limited website knowledge to advertise online and keep the business afloat while operating from home.

So do you recon I can display the bank details on the website?

Rather put the bank details on your pro-forma invoice. Send that along with the bank letter that the bank account is in the name of the business. That should cover all bases I think. Make it clear on the website that banking details are available and will be provided with the quote.

There is a kind of scam, where someone deposits money into your bank account, calls you to tell you that you must please pay it back (though at this point it usually hasn’t cleared yet), then you pay it back and the original amount also never clears. Very typical in the holiday accommodation market. So perhaps you do have a point about not displaying it.

Hacking someone with just the account number… rather hard to do. But there are other scams.

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I would not put bank details on a website. The bank details are on the invoice you send the client, with a letter from the bank as @plonkster said.

EFT’s are the safest option to pay.

BUT there are scams, others can add more:

  1. Never release any goods ever on any emailed/printed Proof of Payment. State clearly, the payment must first reflect in your bank account before any goods are released.
  2. The 2nd trick being pulled, the nefarious buyer deposits a cheque, or they used to. I think cheques are now discontinued. So what happens, it appears the monies are there, but if you scrutinize the account, you will see it is on hold, hence, can be reversed by the bank at any time.
  3. Payment is done via CC, stolen one, the bank will reverse that at any time the card is reported stolen.

Old business partner of mine lost like R40k worth of laptops, paid by Credit Card, the funds showed. Then the bank reversed the transaction. Goods were long gone.

Friend of mine lost a lot on computers released on fake Proof of Payments presented, the buyer throwing a tantrum that they did pay, intimidating him and all that.

It gets interesting.

If I ever set up a website again, I will only accept EFT’s, not CC ever. And only release the goods once the monies show in my account, verified as best I can.

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The friction of doing business. I absolutely hate when a site does not offer CC as payment, even better is some form of QR or other system. Those are frictionless methods. I have abandoned many a online transaction due to payment options and went somewhere else.

Losing some money to a scam is never leaker, it sucks, I have a few times lost stuff ton scams. I see that as the cost of doing business. Nowadays there are very little loyalty to brands, websites and products left. Friction in payment does not help with that.


Ozow run an instant EFT payment system (no credit card payments, but it works similar). It’s a great option as you can integrate it with your website, but you can also send invoices or payment requests manually through their portal. If you sign up then the first year they do not ask any fee. Great to get you started.
It’s a SA startup, so they have ZAR payments :smiley: