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Sean’s my name Marius - I am not here to promote my brand or business :upside_down_face:

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Thank Mnr :pray:t3: just here to pick up tips, trends and as engineers to learn from clever people (we can never stop learning from each other).

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Can your Shelly 3EM record and keep records of recordings over a period, can I be monitored remotely (Off Site)?

If so, when will you have stock again?

Good morning Jaco. Yes by default you connect to the Shelly Cloud and have access to your Device through your Cell Phone or Computer. This allows you to access your data from anywhere where you have Internet access. You are also able to download you data and store it / manipulate it. I would also advise going the “Home Assistant” route.

Does it need any additional modules to measure the voltage?

Not at all. It comes with 3 X 120A clamps :slightly_smiling_face:

Shelly 3EM wiring diagram

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Any idea when you will have stock again, I am interested in a few.

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Price dependent I might also be looking for a few.

Jaco we initially ordered 20 to “test” the waters here and they were all sold out in 2 weeks (last one yesterday). It normally takes 5 working days to get our stock in and then we are at the mercy of our friends at customs who seem to use load shedding as an excuse to work slower :roll_eyes: But all in about 7 days. I will keep you posted as we will have a "Black Friday " (say no more) special via a % discount coupon offer (ill try make this available to the good folks on this forum). Please try use my email address as I dont want to use this platform to promote our business I dont think its ethical. Thank you.

Your product fits in with our platform and can be beneficial to the members. In principle I have no problem with giving you a section in the Market place.

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I got my Shelly 3EM yesterday. I am really impressed. Let me list what I like and not like.


  1. Really nicely packaged, the packaging alone must have cost more than the usual few cents.
  2. Very sexy looking little device. The terminals where you attach the voltage readings are nice and solid.
  3. Some of my colleagues opened it up. It uses a dedicated energy chip (Analog Devices ADE 7880), which is not too shabby at all.
  4. Accurate. More accurate than another meter we had in the same system. Names not mentioned to protect the guilty :slight_smile:
  5. 120A CTs. That’s larger than many other meters on this part of the cost spectrum
  6. Fairly fast. I can get about two readings per second out of it. Not the fastest in the world but compares well.
  7. Price. Compared to an EM24 meter for example.
  8. Really well documented!

Not like (though some of these may change… soon if I have my way):

  1. Built in HTTP server does not support keep-alive
  2. CoAP support is nice, but the option to multicast sensor data is too slow for my application
  3. Some of my colleagues did an impulse test on the device. It withstood 1kV (which is what you need to be certified in Europe), but 2kV damaged it (so in lightning prone areas there is some risk).
  4. It needs to account total energy (preferably using vector energy accounting). At the moment it only has energy counters per phase.

Overall… I like it. I really like it. And most of the things I criticised can and probably will be fixed in software.


Nice to hear this response @plonkster . I’m using their stuff for some time now and I’m really impressed.

Oh one more item… no, TWO!

(I sound like that guy who wrote Proverbs 30… ).

The 3EM form factor. It takes up less than two “slots” in your DB board. It is narrower than an ET112. And it has that internal relay as well you can probably use to drop a geyser or something like that.

There is a setting in cloud/software that you can adjust the relay to switch the relay on and off for power use. With the EM. It comes with two clamps. Say the one clamp is use for your main input to check the power use, and the the second one you drop on the geyser input wire.

In the software you can adjust if say the watts is going over the adjusted setting, say 4500w and the geyser is switch on and that pulls 3000w, then it will switch the relay off that is running the contactor on the geyser element. If the load go’s under 4500w , the geyser will switch on after a few min later. There is n video on youtube.

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