Best practice for underground network cable

Hi all

Maybe a very stupid question.
I have to run network cable around 30m to another building, the trench is already dug.
Being on the farm I plan to use what I have on hand as conduit, 20mm black water pipe.

My question, must I drill holes in the pipe to allow for water drain and if so, how many?

I’d think that any holes are just as likely to let water into the pipe as to let it drain. Water vapour from the soil will enter the pipe and any cold air moving through the pipe may condense it.

So… uuuuh… I would probably just use the pipe as is.

Maybe even consider fibre. The transceiver hardware isn’t all that expensive anymore.

Just wind a piece of danger tape around it or mark it at points so you know its not water!! Easy to get confused at some stage or a new owner etc.

This is the way, for many reasons.

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