Battery SoH Pylontech

My Pylontech 2000 batteries are 2 years and 1 month old, been cycled down to 20% DoD every day, are down to 95% SoH, also, used as a buffer for partly cloudy days, just wondering, what others are getting

I have 2x3000B and 1x3000C. Die 3000B is probably around two years old and the 3000C probably 6 months. I’d have to go look at statements to know the truth…

Sitting on 97% SoH. Cycled roughly to 35% every day (or what was needed to get through the night).

4 x US3000B bought Jan 2021.
They are cycled every night. In the morning they are usually at around 40% SoC.
Every now and then (maybe once every three-four months) I “drain” them to 20%.

Current SOH is 98%

2x Pylontech US2000B V2 bought in Dec 2021.
So around 9 months old, only cycled to 70% SOC daily still have 100% SOH :slight_smile: