Battery FULL VRM Alarm?

Hi all,
I logged on to the VRM and I do know where to set alarms but I am unable to find how can I achieve what I would like.
To explain, I have 4 x US3000B, Venus GX, SmartSolar 250/85 MPPT and MPII 5K.

As I cycle my batteries over night, I would like to get an email notification when my batteries get full during the day.

Is this possible?

These are all the devices I can select, but I haven’t seen anywhere any option for this…

  • In step 1, choose Pylontech.
  • In step 2, choose State of Charge (there is a text box where you can type to help you find it).
  • Step 3, configure low and high values. For low you probably want to use zero, since you don’t want to trigger on low. For high, choose 99. Clear it below 95.
  • In step 4, set some timeout, eg 60 seconds. So alarm fires 60 seconds after it exceeds 99%.
  • Save it all and Bob should be your uncle.
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This makes sense :slight_smile:
Thanks so much!!