Balancing Pylontech batteries

Trying to balance two Pylontech 5000 batteries, is there a Soc percentage before I do the balance procedure

Doesn’t matter what percentage they are on. However the closer they are, the quicker the balancing happens.

So if you had a running UP5000 and a new UP5000, generally the new one should be around 50% from purchased I think. Then you set your depth of discharge on the running battery to 50% so that the next day its there, then you can disconnect it and then balance the 2 batteries. You can just turn on the new battery and check what the led lights show on it.

I might be wrong on the 50% from newly purchased but I think generally thats where its at.

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Generally it is required that the battery should be half-discharged for shipping, but it is not like anybody actually checks this… so the only thing you can be sure of is that the battery won’t be fully charged, but because self-discharge is a thing, it will generally arrive with plenty of charge to guard against a battery failing while in storage/transit.

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these two batteries are about 4 moonths old and every so often the slave goes into fault moder, so I switch off the sytem and batteries, verything resets to normal, until the next time, which might be a few days to a week or two, someone suggested balancing the batteries, trying anything , before sending them off to a repair centre

Sorry, meant to say switch the batteries off and switch on again.

How is the wires connected to the battery, can you maybe take a picture and post it here?