Bad bodings 4 beer bellies

…and i thought its ‘normal’ :see_no_evil: - but it seems worse in women

Now I wonder… is there a causal relationship, or is it just that stupid people also eat badly? :slight_smile:

seems the chicken and egg question… i recently watched three kinds of disturbing videos,

  • the one about the increased percentage of obese people in the world - about 70% of americans are over weight, and 30% plus of kids there [must be the same in sa or worse] -
  • the second was about the glut in sugar consumption and the way industry lies and camouflages sugars in foodstuff and
  • lastly the diminishing nutritional value of fruit and vegetables - on average it seems they lost about >30% of their vitamin content in the past 50 or less years.

I know a teeny bit about this … Been there, done that.

There is an obesity pandemic brewing, not to forget the resultant Type II diabetes.

Goes back 100% to what we eat today. The resultant lack of minerals and vitamins because of our food intake, causes further problems.

Cancer, some types, is directly linked to excessive sugar in the body.

New medical research is now coming out stronger and stronger, going against the older paradigms, from all over the world that eating fat reduces fat … IF done right and proper … read … no carbs nor sugar anymore with fat intake.

The thing is, we don’t do that, cutting out carbs and sugar with eating fat.

Eating fat with carbs is really bad for humans.

The results we can see, the escalation of obesity, Type II, cholesterol, and heart attacks, all spiking sky-high in Western societies.

I’ve learned about this … the only way to eat right is to follow that up with regular blood tests. Without those blood tests confirming that all is well, we are running blind.

Diets, if done without regular blood tests to confirm all is spot on … also a foefie.

NOTE: I’m not selling anything … just what I’ve learned the last 2-3 years, with medical research backing it all … the regular blood tests confirming it all.

foefie is the flavour of the day :laughing: