Axpert 5kw 2016 needs reset after power-off

hi guys, just in case someone has an old model like this, it has no memory, so after a power-off event remember to reset all program values! mine is still going strong with 4x 2kw pylontechs, i enclose settings just for fun or comment :grinning:
24032023 ons axpert settings 4XPYLON 7300b.xlsx (19.1 KB)

I can hardly believe that to be true. Well, maybe it is, but on a technical level, I also imagine it could be a dead battery (for example, the old computer boards had a memory that kept the CMOS chip alive where the BIOS settings were stored), or maybe the EEPROM is just tired?

i presume you refer to something like a cr2032, those small flat cmos batteries… indeed a possibility with the junk peddled today - if so where is it that i can replace it?

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Inside the machine maybe? :man_shrugging:


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