Artificial intelligence apps and the future of

artificial intelligence apps and the future…
i know this might be a weird, but purposefully open ended topic… fill in what you want.
a bunch of 50plus year schoolfmates - that’s from matric, not age - have a zoom meeting once in a while [a while back we had weekend long reunion, that was a gas as more than 40 of us grys manne with boepense with wifes etc took over a resort]…
ok where was i, oh yes, the zoom - so we started talking about the ai apps and how even post grad students utilize them in their research etc - that was scary!
stuff we worked our backsides off at varsity level and beyond satisfying the academic system, you can now produce within minutes with the help of ai - tables, sources, pictures the lot.
listen to the chap in the video, he sums it up pretty neat - i am no member of the peterson fan club [at least not card-carrying], but the stuff he relates is real, and that was a while back, the ai learning curve is near exponential; so just imagine what this might entail for the legal profession where a not so learned judge decides to request the ‘unbiased’ opinion of his ai app prior to passing a verdict…

Two days ago, my son told me his school would write to me about how AI will be dealt with in his school.
I must admit I pooh-poohed his opinion until he asked me to give him a topic for the AI on his phone to write a poem about.
I said, “My dog, Spot” sure enough, within a minute, he had a lengthy poem about a dog called Spot. It was actually quite good.
There are already algorithms that will catch students plagiarizing, but not this. It will deliver once-off research papers, poetry etc.
It’s a game-changer but a bit scary, maybe a lot scary.

poets will be a dime a dozen now :see_no_evil:

indeed… with the already declining academic standard to accommodate even those who can’t read, nevermind state presidents who can’t count, scary could be an understatement

What I can tell you, is that ChatGPT cannot properly set up a Victron system.

And therein is the rub…
AI can give you a very detailed step by step guide on how to do it though! ie a Dummies Guide.

I’m at a uni (in SA)
We are having to pivot our assessment strategies like never before - AI not the issue I believe but the accurate assessment of student ability and knowledge is the “stress” at the moment.

with AI/machine learning it is probably even more important to instil critical/questioning approach in students. If chatgpt tells you to connect red to black hopefully everyone will not end up following it blindly because it is quick and seemingly efficient.

The challenge is the Outcomes Based Education (OBT) system in our schools often doesn’t really support this approach. Students look at a list of outcomes and work strictly to this and no further.

I think unfortunately very few school education approaches do allow for this (critical thinking) - some of it being due to purely practical limitations.

now there is something rare… overheard: what do common sense and deodorant have in common - people who need it most hardly ever use it :rofl: