APEXIUM Stocks Inverters, battery packs & Life Po4 cells

Good day!

We have some stock at our Warehouse in Kempton Park :smiley:

-Wall mounted 51.2V 100Ah 5KWh Lifepo4 battery pack $850

-15KWh 280Ah Battery Pack (Plug and Play) $2320

-105Ah DIY box with built in APEX BMS 100A $450

-EVE V3 3.2V 105Ah,230Ah,280Ah & 304Ah Lifepo4 Grade A+ Cells

Prices are all inclusive :ok_hand:
Please feel free to contact me if interested :grin:
Email : Johnathan@apexiumtech.com
Whatsapp : +86 188 1907 6034

Is that a 105Ah 16 cell pack for $450? If so, then I am interested.

So I assumed this was a mistake - tell us more…

48v 16 cell pack with what BMS and specs please. Type of cells?
R8500 for 100ah :wink:

Please book one for me so I can confirm when specs are out.

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Apologies for the delay and to confirm specs with you. It’s a 105Ah DIY box only. It comes with APEX 100A BMS (10E V16) for $450. My manager misunderstood me, sorry however it’s built for x16 105Ah cells.