Apexium SA Stocks

Good day

We have the following products in stock at our Warehouse in Kempton Park :

3.2V Cells

EVE LF105Ah 3.2V Battery cells
EVE LF280Ah 3.2V Battery cells
EVE LF304Ah 3.2V Battery cells


48V 16s 100A BMS
48V 16s 200A BMS

APEXIUM Battery DIY kits

48V 280/304 DIY kits (stackable)

Battery Packs

48V 100ah wall mountable battery
48V 105ah Battery Pack
48V 280Ah battery Pack

Contact me for more information :slightly_smiling_face:

Email: Johnathan@apexiumtech.com
WhatsApp: +86 188 1907 6034