Apexium Latest Battery Pack!

Apexium welcomes the latest 24v battery pack which offers reliable and long lasting power for a wide range of applications. This innovative design battery pack ensures optimal performance and durability, making it a top choice for those in need of a high-quality power source.

Type Stackable
Use for 8pcs 3.2V 230Ah Lifepo4 cells
Material Cold-rolled sheet
BMS APEX 100A(10E V16)
APP Android/IOS
Communication CAN/RS485/Bluetooth
Size 560 * 440 * 303(MM)
Weight 12(Kg)

Price : $900 all inclusive :ok_hand:

Shout if interested :smiley:

Email : Johnathan@apexiumtech.com
Whatsapp : +86 188 1907 6034


Subject line mentions inverters, what models do you sell?

It’s a battery pack built in with Inverter

Rated capacity: 2.5KWh
Rated voltage: 25.6V
Combination method: 8S1 P
Charging method: CC/CV
Standard charging current: 0.2C
Maximum charging current: ≤100A
Charging cut-off voltage: 28.8V
Discharging cut-off voltage: 22.4V
Length,Width,Height:395 * 165 * 323(mm)
Maximum sustainable discharge current: ≤80A
Maximum sustainable charge Current: ≤50A
Cycle life: 3500 times
Inverter output range: AC110-AC240V @50Hz/60Hz
AC output power: 2000W
Continuous output power: 2000W
Peak output power:4000W
AC output voltage:220V
Output frequency:60Hz
Peak efficiency:92%

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Can you add more photos please (for example interior and cooling)

Battery type and BMS?
Current Price?

Looks like a good compact unit.

These units are on pre-order from China. Price is $880 all inclusive

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If anyone needs the store link: https://apexium.m.en.alibaba.com/

You end up paying more, lol just saying.

I haven’t bought but can’t find a link to your SA site anywhere…
How about posting a link to each product when you post it to save prospective customers time…

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