Apexium Grade A cells in Stock!

New container arrived at our South African warehouse, Grade A EVE cells in stock !!
EVE 3.2V 105Ah cells
EVE 3.2V 230Ah cells
EVE 3.2V 280Ah cells
EVE 3.2V 304Ah cells
Apexium 280/304 DIY Kit with 48V 200A BMS

Welcome to contact me to get more details and order !!!
Email : Johnathan@apexiumtech.com
Whatsapp : +86 188 1907 6034
Johnathan Barnes

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Can you post a current price list for the forumites please.

and spec for the BMS (is it a rebranded Seplos) and the options you have for communications?

@mmaritz thanks for responding…

105Ah $45/pc
230Ah $97/pc
280ah $106/pc
304ah $113/pc

Apexium 280/304ah Battery Pack with 16batteries & 200A BMS (plug and play) $2300
DIY Kit which contains an empty box and accessories $680

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The BMS is our own brand but its commonly compared with seplos, V2 BMS

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Are there any other costs to be added, or is that it, bar local courier charges?

Includes VAT etc?
Are import charges already included?

@TheTerribleTriplet, battery pack price includes all imports and customs costs incl vat. The only exclusion is local delivery, I would suggest you use Courier guy. Our Warehouse is based in Kempton Park.

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Just out of interest, asking for a friend … I presume there are no cases for 18 cells, max 16 only?

Just buy without the case :wink: but I don’t think the seplos can do 18cells?

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@TheTerribleTriplet only 16 cells.

True, my 280’s are still perfectly fine.

It is always good to know where one can “run to” in case of drama, hence Apexium being here.

DIY + warranty = warranty resting squarely on ones own “broad” shoulders. :innocent:

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@TheTerribleTriplet Thank you sir… we have a 10 Year warranty on our cells, Brand new Grade A.

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Having a warranty in SA, is a BIG win.

Batch matched too, the Grade A’s?

Learned the hard way that having them all nearly identical ito internal resistance goes a LONG way to keep a bank easily balanced.

Absolutely! The problem right now is the market is quite saturated suppliers passing off GradeB cells as GradeA has become an issue in the last two years, customers need to do the due diligence of checking companies out before purchasing.

Warranty is a must, as well as detailed test reports. We supply only GradeA cells, no come backs and satisfied customers is our main goal.

Current stock at our warehouse in SA :smiley:
EVE 3.2v 105Ah : 584pcs
EVE 3.2v 230Ah : 112pcs
EVE 3.2v 304Ah : 304pcs

48V 100A : 13 pcs

If interested please feel free to contact me :+1:

Current stock at our warehouse in SA :smiley:
EVE 3.2v 105Ah : 72pcs
EVE 3.2v 230Ah : 28pcs
EVE 3.2v 304Ah : 74pcs

48V 100A : 13 pcs

Stock is moving real fast so do not hesitate to contact me for cells :smiley:

We are expecting a new shipment in this month still :+1:

Email : Johnathan@apexiumtech.com
Whatsapp : +86 188 1907 6034

I will be collecting the 280Ah plug and play box this week…Can’t wait…
I will give feedback here once I have it installed.

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@GVC Thank you sir, looking forward to your feedback.