Apexium all in one 2.5Kwh 24V 100Ah battery pack with inverter

Rated capacity: 2.5KWh
Rated voltage: 25.6V
Combination method: 8S1 P
Charging method: CC/CV
Standard charging current: 0.2C
Maximum charging current: ≤100A
Charging cut-off voltage: 28.8V
Discharging cut-off voltage: 22.4V
Length,Width,Height:395 * 165 * 323(mm)
Maximum sustainable discharge current: ≤80A
Maximum sustainable charge Current: ≤50A
Cycle life: 3500 times
Inverter output range: AC110-AC240V @50Hz/60Hz
AC output power: 2000W
Continuous output power: 2000W
Peak output power:4000W
AC output voltage:220V
Output frequency:60Hz
Peak efficiency:92%


You may want to edit this…

  1. Does it have a built-in MPPT (or other solar charger), or any way to connect one?
  2. What is the price?

Sorry… Peak output power is 4000W

Yes the battery pack built in MPPT, It comes with a charging cable to connect to the solar panel, which can be directly connected to the solar panel for charging, or can be charged using a charger.

This battery only in China warehouse now, we will send to South Africa warehouse this month, i will quote the cost to you when arrive.