**Apexium 15KwH Battery Pack + 16pcs 280Ah cells

Full package of 15KWH DIY Battery : 48V DIY 280Ah kit + 16pcs EVE LF280K V3 cells + Apexium 16s 48v 200A smart BMS with Bluetooth feature.

PROMO - $2039 incl shipping cost ( ETA 45 days )

Type : DIY 280Ah kits + 16pcs EVE LF280K cells

Material : Cold-rolled sheet
BMS : APEX 200A (10E V16)
APP : Android/IOS
Communication : CAN/RS485/Bluetooth
Size : 830* 530* 340(MM)
Weight : 125KG

Apexium inverter cable : $90 including shipping

Contact me for more information
Email: Johnathan@apexiumtech.com

Is this the all-in price or are there still customs or duties which need to be paid?

Price is all inclusive, no extra charges.