Anyone know about Eskom billing in CoCT land?

A neighbour has a house in Table View and this is her story:
Our complexes electricity has been installed by Eskom. CoCT has informed me after visiting the site and checking the billing received previously that they cannot provide any service there, because it is an Eskom service supplied to the complex of 15 units.
Each unit has it’s own meter, but it is all read on one box outside on pavement with windows for each unit.

Jip, CoCT supplies, they can help.

Eskom supply, not geared for it. Read once that they do not have the manpower nor the systems to handle it as a “smaller” well-managed Munic can.

Areas in Gordon’s bay are the same. Eskom supplies, CoCT handles the billing. No idea how it works if something is broken. I know these people complain bitterly that they are stuck with Eskom loadshedding schedules rather than CoCT schedules.

My previous home fell into an Eskom supplied area even though I’m in Cape Town. I got a monthly bill from Eskom directly. Moving to a CoCT supplied area was a bit of a shock because the price per kWh doubled. (At the time, I was paying R0.99/kWh to Eskom and then I moved and had to pay almost R2/kWh)

I appears Eskom doesn’t have any walk in centers any longer for customers to clarify accounts etc. :anguished:

When I tried to close my Eskom account I literally had to wait on the phone for ages and hope to get transferred to the right person who knew what they were doing, only once I got some personal emails to send too did I start coming right. Also keep quoting all the reference numbers at the beginning of each mail if you trying the customer service email.

The only office I knew of was megawatt park in woodmead, at the time all other offices when you tried calling went to the call center. Don’t know if it was because of covid or if they just wanted to be only via email and call center