Any recommendation on an alarm system

I am looking in to getting a standalone alarm system for my place. I do have one that is integrated in the home automation system but as 90% of it is DIY it would prefer to have the security “more” standard.
I had a look at Ajax and it looks nice but also quite a steep price. What else is out there?

I like Paradox, but are looking for something that can integrate with Home assistant, for now I am busy setting up a D1 as an integration option.

Hi Jaco

I think @gbyleveldt integrated his Paradox with HA, and I am going to try and integrate my DSC with HA following this:

GitHub - Dilbert66/esphome-dsckeybus: Esphome custom configuration for interfacing to a DSC POWERSERIES alarm system


I am also looking for an inexpensive DIY alarm system for my solar panels in the future. I think the best system is fiber optics, it’s cheap. You can design a circuit with a Microprocessor and when cutting the optical fiber a relay is activated. This relay can be connected to our alarm system or to a Victron system.

I also had a look at Paradox and so far they seem to offer the most bang for buck. Any suggestions to suppliers?

I buy from Dynamic Security Distributors in Centurion. since 2000.

Paradox. you can integrate with HA via PAI
I buy from AlarmTech, only had good service from Riaan and prices are good also.


I use a DSC Power series and use dsc keybus interface on a D1 mini to control from HA. Integration works great over mqtt for automation.

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