Any recommendation on an alarm system

I am looking in to getting a standalone alarm system for my place. I do have one that is integrated in the home automation system but as 90% of it is DIY it would prefer to have the security “more” standard.
I had a look at Ajax and it looks nice but also quite a steep price. What else is out there?

I like Paradox, but are looking for something that can integrate with Home assistant, for now I am busy setting up a D1 as an integration option.

Hi Jaco

I think @gbyleveldt integrated his Paradox with HA, and I am going to try and integrate my DSC with HA following this:

GitHub - Dilbert66/esphome-dsckeybus: Esphome custom configuration for interfacing to a DSC POWERSERIES alarm system


I am also looking for an inexpensive DIY alarm system for my solar panels in the future. I think the best system is fiber optics, it’s cheap. You can design a circuit with a Microprocessor and when cutting the optical fiber a relay is activated. This relay can be connected to our alarm system or to a Victron system.

I also had a look at Paradox and so far they seem to offer the most bang for buck. Any suggestions to suppliers?

I buy from Dynamic Security Distributors in Centurion. since 2000.

Paradox. you can integrate with HA via PAI
I buy from AlarmTech, only had good service from Riaan and prices are good also.


I use a DSC Power series and use dsc keybus interface on a D1 mini to control from HA. Integration works great over mqtt for automation.

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We have the IDS 864 range, two years ago when I did research IDS was the only alarm that had a module you can control it via a Cell phone app. I can control zones, turn on or off and even get notified of a alarm on the app. The HYYP can be setup Via Cell or Wifi/Lan. The Paradox is well known and the installer liked it but could not offer a remote manage app.

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I think most offer that functionality now. I have a DSC with the same functionality, including a few relays (garage door and front gate).

An important decision when deciding what alarm system to get, is probably whether you plan to integrate it with a type of home automation system, like home assistant. Some are perhaps natively supported.

Any new comments on this, looking at which alarm system to go for.
I’m so far looking at Paradox and IDS. Control via internet / phone app will be quite important to me, as well as possible HA integration down the line.
Due to cost I’ll probably wire most things in the beginning, but also want to be able to add wireless sensors in future.

I hooked up an existing Paradox to a pc using this:

On the pc I run a Python script which connects to the alarm and translates all messages from alarm and sends on MQTT using homie standard. I use OpenHab MQTT binding which then auto discovers the alarm components. The script also listens for messages on MQTT and sends appropriate instructions to the alarm .

Can arm, stay, sleep, bypass, see open zones, etc. Get telegram messages when alarm goes off and have rules that sends messages if it is likely I left alarm off when it should be on.

Can use the alarm zones as motion detection for other actions. E.g. controlling lights etc.