Another one from Alberton

Decided after years of looking to go for solar system.

Thanks @TheTerribleTriplet and @JacoDeJongh for all your advise and direction

Now waiting for installation. Can’t wait to say farewell to eiskom or at least limited use out of eiskom

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Welcome, Cobus. Only a pleasure!

Welcome Cobus.

We’ll be on your roof and in your way shortly.

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Welcome Cobus, at least I am not a loner from Alberton.

What gear do you have? (Inverter/Batteries/MPPT/Panels?)

Enjoy your system Cobus, your installation is now officially my most difficult installation ever (Roof work) and my guys can’t agree more.

Was a pleasure meeting you!!

Morning Jaco,

Absolute pleasure meeting you and doing business with you. Thank you for the installation to you and your team.

Be safe out there

And here I am waiting for the juicy bits… pics or it didn’t happen! :sweat_smile:

@JacoDeJongh , and I thought my roof was you and your guys toughest challenge :laughing: :laughing:

It was, but not any more, this one was way worse… 6 days for 21 panels, we normally do 12 before lunch…

Worse than mine? :see_no_evil:

Yours took long, but wasnt that difficult, this one was difficult, had to mount separate panels all over, different orientations and different angles.

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