Amazing report proving that solar is the way to go :)

After Initial investment here are the stats for year 1 :slight_smile:

It’s only a matter of time till the capital outlay pays it self off and starts “making money”. On top of that, there was no load shedding experienced (which makes wife and kids happy) :family_man_woman_girl_girl:

Thank you @JacoDeJongh , @plonkster , @TheTerribleTriplet , @jykenmynie , @Louisvdw , @Phil.g00 , @Richard_Mackay , @MongooseMan , @Sarel.Wagner , @Speedster and many others!
I read and learned so much from your posts and advices given. I really appreciate it and will be sharing knowledge with the ones in need.

Cheers to all :pray:

P.S.Not showing off, just sharing the happiness :nerd_face:


I must say you did an amazing job keeping the usage in check. We used about 900kWh/month before we got solar. As everyone got accustomed to the idea of “free” electricity our usage started creeping up. Currently we’re at about 1500kWh/month. I’ve been adding more panels to try and keep pace, but I’ve now run out of roof space, so my back is against the wall. :scream:

Welcome to the club bro. We all experience this at some stage. I’ve resorted to mounting panels on the SOUTH side of my roof. To compensate for the wrong angle I’ve mounted the 30 degree angle brackets (for flat roofs) at full tilt which now gives me a very grand total of 8 degree tilt to the north. It isn’t ideal, but I’ve managed to add 9 x 330W panels in a row giving me a respectable 27A boost in winter. :wink:

And for those who are going to zoom in and scrutinise the wiring and connectors, yes I did clean up, fix up and put all the cables in conduit. :joy::joy:


Wow, so my musings and titbits are being read. :smile: :+1:

Ditto @Bobby , what he said. Your usage is just … Respect man.

Jip. On top of that, the weather in Cpt is not helping for the 2nd winter in a row where I live with 7.1 people in the house. I’m hard at work “behind the scenes” on their mutual concerted co-operation. It is tough, being an extremely delicate process.

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Nice 7% grid, 93% self generated - excellent.
I’m at not as good - 20.5% from the grid / 79.5% self generated for the last 9 months.

Just reprogrammed the on/off schedule for my geysers - should help in saving a bit more.
Still I’m saving thousands a year.
The ability to not have load shedding is worth the investment.