Alternative to Geyserwise, Sonoff TH Elite 20A?

Hi all

I have a second geyser which needs to get a timer, I already have a Geyserwise on my other geyser.

I came across the Sonoff TH Elite 20A, Sonoff TH Elite 20Amp Temp and Humidity Switch | Sonoff Africa

I must say it seams Sonoff jacked up their products since I last had a look at their stuff, it seams everything is even officially approved for use in SA, I wonder how the quality is?

I know there are guys here who uses Sonoff switches in combonation with temperature probes for their geysers, I’m just wondering how well it’s working and how acurate you find the temprature measurement? @TheTerribleTriplet If I remember you are one of them users?

I have no problems with the Geyserwise, though I guess I have a itch to try something different. Plus I’d actually like something which is a bit more flexible, the 4 time slots on the Geyserwise is quite limiting, with the Sonoff I would be able to set up my own custom time slots in HA.

Oh and the Sonoff will be a fraction of the price of a wifi Geyserwise.

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Shelly, not Sonof.

Temp sensor on outlet, sommer taped to the outlet.

After a week or so, you learn to “read” the temp.

Bottom is like 75deg, or whatever the element cuts out on.
Geyser being vertical.
So outlet tends to be like 50 deg on the outside of the outlet pipe.

I do not really care too much about the exact temp of the water per se. Usage, based on the temp sensor on the outlet, dictates where my “customers” tend to be quiet and let me be. :grinning:

O, and the Shelly, switched on by NodeRED based on the Cerbo’s data.
And the Shelly App, on any browser, to switch on the geyser.


Shelly1 with temp hat and 2 or 3 sensors. You sorted. You can set it up to switch on between this time and that time, you can set it up to switch off or on if it gets to a set temp range, and it gives you a graph. Just run it via Contactor to take the strain of the small relay in the shelly 1 unit. I’m running mine for some time and no problems so far.

The got a new one on the market that you can run more temp probes then.

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Thanks for the tip to use a contactor, I actually looked at the Shelly +1 PM specs earlier and saw 1.5mm2 cross section connections then thought to myself no, let’s rather do a contactor.

This is how I did it. Used a Hager NC 20a relay to do the actual switching.

Pic for me, being technically strained, me also being prone to blow shiite up.

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Where can I get these? Had quick look on the net and could see a reseller at first glance.

There are some places that sell them locally. In the past we did a group order direct from shelly and split the shipping.

The PM doesn’t help if you use a contactor. You can use the small 3rd gen shelly for it.
If you have a 150l geyser your element should be 3000w. Then you can use a shelly plus 1pm. This is great beause of all the measurements it takes.

GeyserWALA is what you’re looking for:
It’s by far the best thing I’ve added to my home automation, but mostly because I could add it also to my NodeRed in my Victron system. You don’t need to go that far, but even if you just do the regular upgrade from geyserwise to geyserwala then you’ll already be a lot better off than with the archaic geyserwise timer setup.

Next best is sonoff, especially if you want to go all out sonoff around your house. They have everything you need to make everything smarterer